Since 2013, I have been in possession of Gypsy Coven and only in conversation, described the meaning. Believe me, it sends shivers down my spine every time. It's still a bit intense to me to say those words, "Gypsy Coven." And a lot of people have their own pronunciation of the word coven. It really means little to me, if you can pronounce the name of my photo blog. So I'll just leave it at that.
I've also maliciously edited every bit and piece until I was content. I've always been attracted to negative space. I have to fill it. Every detail and pixel has to be just right. In college, I studied one course of Interior Design and was so certain upon my high school graduation, that I wanted nothing more, but alas I could care less once my instructor muttered the words every creative dies upon hearing. Please your customer. I failed the class and looked at my options. Makeup artistry? Psychology? Fashion is hands on. I was always picking up bits of pieces, like those beaded indian slippers. I didn't know how to dress myself, but I pictured in my head, outfits for girls when I was in elementary school.

ou know how they say most stylists or photographers shoot the shit out of looks only to be unpleased because they know in their mind, they have style. they pictured this looking so different. You spent all that time preparing mood boards, scouting and scouring through photos to get it right. Everyone on the team has a different idea than yours or the makeup just isn't what you imagined, so you give up. You walk away and start thinking I want more than a fashion gig for the rest of my life. I want a life. the whole nine yards. Hand up, yeah that was me. So I went to web, looked at all the images I had downloaded and discovered a few bloggers and drummed up some names for a new blog, a brand, something people would recognize.  I'm forgetting I had a blog with my name on it before starting from scratch. 

I moved servers from Square Space to Blogger, during which I lost a list of posts and probably hours of work and photos collected. I still haven't logged in since and probably don't remember my log in for Square Space. So who knows when the hell I had my first post. You will find December on here, but I'm guessing August or so. Don't forget all the coding and saving the template because one single code I couldn't find fucked it all up.

We're barely into 2015 and this is beginning to sound like a ramble. Regardless, though it means little to me, but enough that I have statistics indicating that a number of humans all over the world scope out this little thing. I care more about this thing than my statistics, but it makes me heart jump from time to time when I look. 

Keep roaming about and dwelling. 

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